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So You Majored in Marketing?

So you want to be a character on Mad Men. (Don’t we all?) Marketing is a great degree to have right now, but let’s take a minute to think of some out-of-the-box ways to use your education. None of these job titles will include “marketing” because you’re quite smart enough to look for those on your own. Here are six unusual job titles for marketing majors, plus some ideas for long-term goals.

Trade Specialist
In this position you will oversee the movement of goods—across borders or from place to place—for your company or agency. The position may or may not include coming up with marketing strategies to increase profitability. It all depends on how your employer structures the position.
Apply at: Major commercial companies, state and federal government

Communications Coordinator
Any organization looking for a communications specialist would be lucky to have a marketing major on board. You not only have the skills to organize large-scale communications efforts, but also to make these communications effective as marketing tools.
Apply at: Non-profit organizations, colleges/universities, commercial companies…basically everywhere

Account Manager
This is a pretty broad job title, so keep it in mind for that reason. You will be in charge of making sure all of the details on a specific account are in place, and may have less contact with the day-to-day marketing tasks. Your business training will make you a natural fit for this position.
Apply at: Consulting companies, marketing firms, or anywhere that sells stuff

Community Development Director
If you are less interested in business, consider using your talents at a non-profit or community organization. Use your marketing skills to tackle community development projects, communications efforts or events promotion.
Apply at: Community organizations, non-profit organizations, local government

Online Retail Specialist
Instead of focusing on traditional sales jobs, think about the wide world of online retail. Especially if you took web design or online marketing classes in college- take advantage of this new job market. You might design web pages, write copy or manage social media for a company.
Apply at: Commercial companies (again, anywhere that sells products)

Contract Specialist
Use both your business savvy and your communication skills to manage contracts with clients. You will be responsible for contract processing, file maintenance and possibly contract drafting.
P.S. Some of these positions that I found pay surprisingly well, with often only a bachelor’s degree necessary.
Apply at: Consulting firms, large companies, federal government

Okay, enough with the practicalities. Let’s drink our lunches, buy a Jaguar and bust out our suits and high heels. Nix the cigarettes, though. Lucky Strike or not.

Top Marketing Executive
or Roger Sterling
At this point you have probably earned your MBA, and you will be in charge of all marketing efforts for a (hopefully) very lucrative company.

Creative Director
or Don Draper
Personally, I’d rather have this job. You get to oversee the creative efforts of artists and copywriters, and spend less time worrying about bottom lines and sales.

Top Public Relations Manager
or the person who would yell at Don and Roger all the time.
Important people and companies will pay top dollar for someone who can make sure they look good all the time. This would be you.

What major would you like us to look at next? And is there a TV show upon which I can base it? Leave a comment below, or send me a tweet: @ithinkther4iamb

SOURCE: World Wide Learn
IMAGE: Courtesy of PBA University

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