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How to Maximize Your Job Search Efforts Over the Holidays

How to Maximize Your Job Search Efforts Over the HolidaysBeing a job seeker during any season of the year can be a challenge.  However, when going on a job search during the holiday season, it can seem downright impossible. During the holiday season, many companies are not eager to hire.  This means that your hopes of finding a job before the upcoming holiday may seem to vanish like dust in the wind.

The one thing you do not want to do during this time is to go dormant and allow hiring managers to forget about you and the fact that you want to work for them.  After all, it is typically right after the holidays when hiring managers begin to pull the trigger on their hiring decisions.  This means that it is important for you to stay fresh in their minds.

The important thing during this holiday season is not to get discouraged and to realize that there are ways you can make the most of your job search efforts.

Season’s Greetings

Take a look at the companies that you really want to work for.  If you have already interviewed with or spoken with someone at the company, be sure to let them know you are still around.

By sending a handwritten holiday card, you are clearly showing the hiring manager that you are still interested in working for her.  However, it doesn’t have to be an actual holiday card.

Today, we have email and LinkedIn.  Send a simple message of holiday wishes to the hiring manager via email or LinkedIn.

Either way, you are sure to impress the hiring manager by showing that you are still thinking of her company and the opportunity.

Who would you remember more fondly: the candidate who disappeared over the holidays, or the candidate who sent a thoughtful holiday greeting online or in the mail?

Holiday Phone Call

After sending out your season’s greetings messages, don’t stop there.  Make it even more personal by giving that hiring manager a quick phone call.  Rather than asking about your status for the position, simply wish the hiring manager a happy holiday and let her know that you look forward to speaking with her in the New Year.  This shows that you appreciate that hiring manager and that you are interested in continuing the conversation regarding the opportunity.

Never forget that although our world seems to revolve around social media, email, and text, there is nothing quite as personable as a simple phone call.

What are some ways that you stay on top of your job search efforts over the holidays?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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