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Why Companies Use Video Interviews

Why Companies Use Video Interviews

When an organization reaches out to connect with you over the phone, you might find yourself replying “Yes” before you’ve even thought about it. Advancing to the next step in a company’s hiring process means some of your nervousness searching for a new position disappears. 

If you aren’t expecting it, a video interview invitation instead of a phone call might come as a shock. If you’ve never done a video interview, one-way or live, you might wonder why an organization uses the tool.

Video interviews offer you some huge benefits, and can help you secure your dream job. There are 4 reasons why companies use video interviews that offer you some major perks.

Interview more candidates

You complete one-way video interviews on your own time. This means hiring organizations can offer video interviews to as many candidates as qualify for the position. I know your first thought, “Great, more competition…” But this is actually a good thing! 

Many organizations don’t feel confident advancing every qualified candidate to the next step of the hiring process. Why? Because they need to fill their open positions quickly and the interviews take a lot of time and people power. We’ve found organizations that write off candidates early in the process can now allow them, (even you!) a chance to interview.

This means you get the opportunity to make your case directly to the hiring manager. You get to tell them why you’re the best candidate for them.

Learn more about you

Connecting with you on a video interview allows organizations to pick up on non-verbal parts of your conduct. Everyone tells you to smile and stand while you’re on a phone screen. But your natural gestures and emotions come across even more on a video interview. When your interviewer sees you, they learn even more about who you are, beyond your interview responses.

Convenient, comfort, completion

Completing a video interview is super convenient for you. For a one-way video interview the only schedule that matters for it is yours! You don’t have to coordinate time to speak on the phone with a recruiter. There’s no stepping away from your current job, or finding a quiet space in your crowded school to make time. Instead, your interview is ready and waiting for you whenever you have the time. This means you record interview responses in a comfortable place comfortable, even complete it in many sessions. So if you don’t have time to complete the whole interview in one sitting, you can come back to it later.

Share your excitement!

Finally, one of the biggest reasons companies use video interviews is that they can see your excitement for their company mission, vision, and values. When your interview responses resonate with the interviewer, they’ll likely advance you to the next stage of the hiring process. If you show consideration to common video interview mistakes, create great responses, and complete the interview quickly, you’ve made great progress towards a new position

There are tons of reasons organizations use one-way and live video interviews. Video interviews offer great candidate benefits and even more perks for the hiring organization. So go forth, click that link, and complete your video interview!

Hannah Goldenberg

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