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Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind During Your Office Holiday Party

An office holiday party is the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy some quality time with your co-workers. However, far too many people have been lulled into a false sense of comfort during their office holiday party. When this happens, they may get too drunk and end up confronting their boss about a list of complaints, or partaking in other unsavory behavior. To ensure that your actions at the party doesn’t negatively impact you in the long run, keep these tips in mind:

Everything in moderation                              

An open bar isn’t an excuse to get plastered and tell your manager just what you think of her. To prevent an embarrassing incident from occurring, limit yourself to just a few drinks. You should drink enough to be social and have fun, but not so much that you risk getting out of control and doing or saying something that you regret.

Dress appropriately

While you don’t have to stick with boring dress slacks at the company party, the event is also not the opportunity to show off the hours of work that you’ve put in at the gym. Wear something flattering yet still tasteful. The outfit should be much more modest than something you would wear for a night out with friends. If you show up in a teeny, tiny outfit, it can quickly alter a manager’s impression of you, and may make it hard to continue to earn the respect of your co-workers.

Know who’s invited to the event

Though you may assume you have a plus one to the holiday festivities, this is not always the case. Before being the only person to show up with a spouse in tow, check with your manager to see exactly who’s invited to the party. This prevents an awkward situation from occurring.

Introduce yourself to key players

At a big organization, the company holiday party may be one of the few times all year when you see the CEO or president of the organization in person. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself. Spending the evening with your regular office pals is great, but this kind of networking is important for upward mobility in your career. Greet important company officials with a firm handshake, and offer them your name and title. Even if you’ve met before, this kind of refresher is often appreciated.

As you chat with important personnel in your company, make sure to keep it short yet sweet. While they may be glad to talk to you, chances are that other employees are also anxious to get their time in. Don’t spend an hour talking to them about your kids, your hobbies, and your vacation plans. Fifteen minutes is plenty.

Thank the people who planned the party

Chances are that your office manager or another staff member spent a great deal of time planning the party. Make sure to thank them for their efforts, and let them know what a great time you had at the affair.

Lauren Levine

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