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How to Keep Your Job Search Discreet

How to Keep Your Job Search DiscreetIdeally you want to conduct a job search while you’re still employed in order to make the transition easier and to prevent down time. However, doing so recklessly puts you in a precarious position, particularly if you’re making it easy for your current employer to discover what you’re up to. Use these strategies in order to keep your search discreet:

Never do anything on company time

Besides possible legal complications, it’s also unethical to conduct your job search when you’re technically on the clock for your current employer. This means no resume updating, interviewing, or job board scanning when you’re supposed to be working. Though it may be tempting, especially if you’re disinterested in your current role, save the job hunt for nights and weekends.

Be careful about who you tell

Word of mouth is a great way to find a new job; the more people who know you’re looking better. But when you’re searching and you’re still employed, you’ll want to be careful with this, especially if the industry you’re in is a small one. When you’re interviewing, let the hiring manager know that your current employer is unaware that you’re looking elsewhere. You don’t want them calling for a reference. Be careful about who you tell, and who you have them tell. If you encourage them to tell every contact they have, eventually word will get back to your boss.

Take care when using job search services

If you’re using a job search website, find out what services are available to you so that you may keep your search confidential. Some sites will let you hide your contact information until an employer decides to get in touch with you for an interview. This way you’re still able to take advantage of the service, without having to broadcast the fact that you’re looking to anyone who might be casually browsing the board.

How did you keep your job hunt discreet? Let us know in the comments.

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