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benefits of video resumes

Do Employers Want Video Resumes?

benefits of video resumesTechnology is constantly developing around us. Can you believe how quickly we went from cell phones that were chunky and came in extremely ugly carrying cases to the slim, all powerful iPhones? Not to mention the host of other connection devices available today that we only could’ve dreamed of twenty years ago.

Fortunately, the employment industry has kept up with technological advances like these. In a business of connecting people for such a wide variety of purposes- among a global landscape- technology has revolutionized staffing. Video resumes are on the cutting edge of this sort of advancement.

Historically, the hiring process could take months from the time a person snail-mailed their resume to the time they traveled for one, two, maybe three interviews and then ultimately got hired (or didn’t- even worse!). Then, we got the Internet and paper resumes could be emailed. Fantastic; but the visual piece was still missing. Until now, that is.

Video resumes enable an employer to evaluate nearly all elements of a candidate in one fowl swoop without any expense of travel for themselves or the candidate. Recruiters: we all know it’s not just about a resume. It’s not just about physical presentation, and it’s not just about personality. We look for the perfect blend of all three elements, and then some. Furthermore, for most of us, we are a part of a leaner staff than ever before among this economic climate. Video resumes enable us to work from home or while on the go via our mobile device of choice. Lastly, video resumes enable you, the candidate, to showcase one of the most valuable abilities to any employer- the ability to sell themselves and eventually, the client or product!

As a job seeker in this day and age, it is in your best interest then to start utilizing video technology and set yourself apart from the competition with a video resume.

Jesika Moffitt

Jesika works as a Recruiter & Placement Manager for a staffing service. She has an M.A. in Corporate & Organizational Communication from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and hopes to teach someday soon.

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