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The Best Jobs for Extroverts

Finding the right career is about finding one that will mesh well with your personality. Extroverts are the social butterflies of the workforce. They draw energy from the people they surround themselves with and don’t let criticism keep them from working towards their goals. They like to socialize and are quick to assess a difficult situation by talking it through rather than thinking about it. If you’re an extrovert, you’re going to want to have a job that lets you work among other people to keep your creativity and energy flowing. Here are some of the best jobs for extroverts.

Physical Therapist
Median Salary: $73,235
Health professions are in demand right now. You’ll have a secure income with this job. Physical therapists work with patients who have sustained injuries. Your outgoing personality will shine and motivate patients to work at this best to recover.

Human Resources Specialist
Median Salary: $52,690
Those working in HR deal with recruiting new staff and handling issues with current staff. This calls for a lot of socializing and face time with candidates and current employees. Your people skills are essential in this job.

Dental Hygienist
Median Salary: $73,031
This is another healthcare profession that demands a person with great people skills. Dental hygienists assist dentists, but they also work with patients. They calm down nervous patients and work closely with staff.

Median Salary: $51,293
Extroverts are comfortable in the spotlight. You’ll get the audience you strive to get by becoming an actor. Actors work hard with other actors and maintain a network of connections to keep them working.

Sales Manager
Median Salary: $107,475
If you have that charisma to draw people in, like most extroverts do, then being a sales manager is a good fit. Sales managers work with costumers, travel often and manage the whole sales team. They work with data and set goals for sales. The job is demanding, but with a high salary, it’s well worth it.

Median Salary: $53,550
If you’re an extrovert, all those years of being your friends go-to person for helping them resolve personal conflicts have paid off. Becoming a mediator is the perfect job to put your solution solving skills to the test. Helping parties solve conflicts, looking at the arguments without bias and helping both parties find middle ground are just some of the things you’ll be doing as a mediator.

Emergency Medical Technician
Median Salary: $39,303
Are you calm under pressure? EMTs and paramedics are the first to respond to medical emergencies. You must always be prepared for anything when it comes to arriving on a scene and must be able to address the medical needs of patients as quickly and calmly as possible. Aside from having good skills under pressure, this job demands good confrontations skills. Handling difficult patients can be tricky and communication is key in addressing the needs of the patients.

IMAGE: Courtesy of The Telegraph

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