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5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Former Boss

Staying in touch with a former boss can benefit you in several ways. Whether you’re looking for a continued mentorship or you need a reference, maintaining a dialogue with your former boss is essential. Here are 5 ways to keep the conversation going.

5.     Send relevant articles.

Articles should be tailored to your boss and sent infrequently. Stay well-read and informed on your industry by adding top blogs to your RSS feed. If you read an article that you think your former boss would find interesting, email it with a short and friendly note.

4.     Meet for coffee.

Some bosses will be too busy to meet in person, but if you have a longer issue/idea to discuss, it’s worth reaching out. Ask your questions in an email, suggest meeting for coffee, and give your availability. If your former boss doesn’t have the time, he or she may decide to reply via email. But at least you’ll have your answers.

3.     Connect on LinkedIn.

Don’t just stop at a request to connect. Industry specific groups are very popular on LinkedIn. If you’re already in one, consider inviting your boss. Or join one and suggest your boss join. Groups allow you to share your knowledge on a topic, network, and maybe even impress a former boss!

2.     Meetup at an industry event.

Industry events are a great way to catch up with your former boss without too much pressure. It’s also a great way to show her that you are still involved with the community. Search Eventbrite or Meetup for a listing of events in your area.

1.     Refer a friend.

Sometimes the stars align. The place you use to work at has an opening and you’ve got a friend who would be great at that job. If this happens, send a quick email to your boss letting her know. You’re not trying to persuade your boss, you’re telling her, “I can vouch for this candidate.”

Have you tried any of these ideas? What other ways have worked for you? Let us know how you keep up with your former boss in the comments below!

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Ali Kelley

Ali is a freelance writer who blogs about nonprofits, tech and social media for Chicago startups, Zealous Good, Dabble, and Eventbrite. Since graduating college in 2009, she has learned a ton about job searching in a recession, and is excited to share her experiences. In addition to writing, Ali enjoys the finer things in life like pajamas that double as jeans.

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