4 Stupidly Simple Questions to Assess Hard to Pinpoint Accomplishments

A successful resume is concise, relevant, and can identify top accomplishments at each job. But the challenge with resume writing, is that it’s not often obvious what your job successes were. You know you were a good employee, but what exactly made you good is harder to pinpoint. To help you start thinking about what […]

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IT Jobs Offer Fastest Growth and Highest Pay

IT Jobs Offer Fastest Growth and Highest Pay [INFOGRAPHIC]

Good news! Despite the fact that many Americans still remain jobless, there’s at least one industry that has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. According to the Staff.com infographic listed below, IT jobs are some of the highest paying and fastest growing jobs in America. In fact, IT salaries have remained the same or […]

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Don’t Care About Your Job Search (It Will Make You a Better Candidate)

It seems counter-intuitive, but in order to land a job you have to stop caring about your job search. This doesn’t mean you can shut down your computer, watch reruns all day, and magically be offered a job. “Not caring about your job search,” means understanding that job searching is more than resume writing and […]

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