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IT Jobs Offer Fastest Growth and Highest Pay

IT Jobs Offer Fastest Growth and Highest Pay [INFOGRAPHIC]

Good news! Despite the fact that many Americans still remain jobless, there’s at least one industry that has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. According to the infographic listed below, IT jobs are some of the highest paying and fastest growing jobs in America. In fact, IT salaries have remained the same or increased throughout America’s “Great Recession.”

The number one highest paid IT job is a mobile application developer with an average salary of $94,000. 292,000 new mobile app developer positions were created in 2012, which is in line with a new study that says American’s use their smartphone on average one hour a day. Want to keep America app happy? Become an app developer.

The infographic also points out that there are more IT jobs than there are skilled people to fill them. You heard that right. While many of us are facing a depressingly large candidate pool, we could be one of only a handful applying for a surplus of IT jobs. So what are we waiting for?

While IT work might not be your cup of tea, it’s certainly worth exploring. App development classes have been popping up at colleges across the country. And for post-college graduates, alternative programs put on by tech incubators are becoming increasingly popular.

Would you ever consider a career in IT? Let us know in the comments section below!

IT Jobs Offer Fastest Growth and Highest Pay

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