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The Portrait of the Modern Mobile Business Traveler

Business travelers have always had a lot on their minds, from managing their expense reports to stressing over flight delays. In today’s mobile age, the number of people travelling while working has grown significantly. While the infographic below shows some remarkable statistics about our modern day business traveler, what are some of the challenges that they face? How can they use their mobile technology to eliminate some common traveling tragedies?


Although it seems like wireless connections are almost everywhere in the US today, Europeans are spending billions on connectivity every year. This is why many people today have a “Wi-Fi first” mentality. They can’t simply assume that there will be a wireless connection available wherever they will be arriving or more importantly where they are staying, they have to make certain that it is available for them.


Once more closely associated with credit cards, now charging for business is more about where they can plug in their hand-held devices when their batteries are drained. As the infographic shows, the majority of business people are traveling with three or more devices that will all need charging eventually. They will require a multitude of outlets to accommodate not only their hand-held items but also other traveling necessities that use electricity.


Whether you’re experiencing a flight delay or stuck in a long line going through airport security, these delays can not only be annoying but can cost valuable time and ultimately money. Luckily, there are some apps out there that can help you address these delays more efficiently.

  • Security: The My TSA app can help with security guidelines and estimated wait times. The popular “What Can I Bring?” feature will clarify exactly what you can and cannot, bring on board.
  • Flight Delays: Most business flyers are accustomed to flight delays since they happen frequently, but can you be more productive while you wait? App In The Air gives you options on how to spend your free time, like the best place to get food and coffee at the airport. It can also determine where there are free Wi-Fi locations.


Every frequent flyer has probably had their luggage lost or stolen at least once. Whether it is eventually returned or recovered, you still must replace your personal items for the time being. Like a personal shopping assistant, Goodzer: Local Shopper can guide you to all the places you need in unfamiliar surroundings. It will display the price, availability and even give you directions to the store.


In addition to the rising number of traveling employees, there is also a rise in telecommuters who work from their residence or other location outside the office. But is working from home right for you? There are many variables to consider, some good, like flexibility and others can be more challenging, paying income tax for example.

So is this everything you wanted to know about the business traveler? Whether they are around the block or across an ocean, our savvy and mobile business warrior always seems be winning the battle on the road.

About the Author: Megan M. Ritter is an online business journalist with a background in social media and content marketing. In addition to researching how technology has impacted business communications, her writing also covers virtual technology, business globalization, and marketing.

The Portrait of the Modern Mobile Business Traveler

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