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Top 10 Funniest Things Job Seekers Put on their Resumes [INFOGRAPHIC]

The new standard resume is a blend of visually-pleasing presentation and memorable content. Memorable, as in you make the hiring manager pause because you have something solid to offer, instead of making them cough and spew their coffee all over your resume because you didn’t realize you’ve put something damning in there. In the infographic below, produced by Almagreta Resume Templates, the top ten funniest things job hunters included in their resumes are illustrated.
Have you fallen into the same traps? If you’ve written a dozen resumes and continue doing so every month, you soon won’t notice what you put there until someone points them out. They might be the reason you’re still writing resumes!

Career experts advise job hunters to be creative and colorful, to sell themselves attractively. Many job hunters fail at this first assignment: putting their feet in the small island uniting creativity and attractiveness. Surrounding this island are the great big lakes of clichés, faux pas, and meaningless phrases. Are you splashing about here as well? If you don’t watch your words, creative can become destructive. Boom. You fly off and land in the slush pile.

Words are powerful, and what you pick to identify yourself become lasting impressions that make you stand out from the rest. Are you standing out in a positive way?

About the Author: Almagreta started as a graphic designer working on corporate identity, print layouts, advertising, and web design in 2007. Later, she became interested in creating all kinds of themes and templates in order to make office- and work-related documents look nicer and convey information more effectively. Almagreta has a great eye for detail and a passion for making everything she touches more efficient and beautiful.

Almagreta_Top 10 funniest things job hunters included in their resumes

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