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Turn Your Video Resume Viral

In your video resume you’ve got 60 seconds to make an impression on your potential employer. Unlike a traditional paper resume, there are many ways to showcase your personality on video. So let’s think about the possible small tweaks you can make to turn your video resume viral.

Incorporate a cat.

The internet loves cats, more specifically expressive cats or toothless cats. But for the purposes of your video resume, any cat will do. There are several avenues you can take with a feline guest. Whether you opt for a cat cameo or a full-on cat closeup (i.e. E*Trade Baby style, where you only provide vocals), your future employer will not be able to resist a cat call.

Use Nostalgia.

This BuzzFeed approach requires you to do a little research on your potential employer or at least the company you’re applying to. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know what decade you need to reference and collect items from. Leave your potential employer basking in the warm glow of nostalgia by listing the awesome parts of her decade.

Reenact a 60 second scene from any show about nerds, ad men, British royalty, medieval royalty, meth makers etc.

NO SPOILERS, though.

`Reimagine a scene from one of the year’s most popular shows and put your own job seeker spin on it. If you’re afraid your potential employer has not seen the show you’ve chosen, create a montage of all of them.  You can also take the popular reality TV route and cast yourself in a new (fake) show about a job seeker in search of his dream job.

What other tips do you have for turning a video resume viral? What are the components of a good viral video?  Let us know in the comments below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by Headliners & Heroes

Ali Kelley

Ali is a freelance writer who blogs about nonprofits, tech and social media for Chicago startups, Zealous Good, Dabble, and Eventbrite. Since graduating college in 2009, she has learned a ton about job searching in a recession, and is excited to share her experiences. In addition to writing, Ali enjoys the finer things in life like pajamas that double as jeans.

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