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4 Stupidly Simple Questions to Assess Hard to Pinpoint Accomplishments

A successful resume is concise, relevant, and can identify top accomplishments at each job. But the challenge with resume writing, is that it’s not often obvious what your job successes were. You know you were a good employee, but what exactly made you good is harder to pinpoint. To help you start thinking about what you accomplished at your job, ask yourself these stupidly simple questions:

  • What’s the difference between the way you performed the job and how someone mediocre might have performed it?
  • What did you accomplish in your job that someone else might not have?
  • What would your boss or coworkers say made you really great at your job?
  • What was your company/department like before you were hired and how have you changed it for the better?

Remember, some jobs lend themselves to more qualitative metrics, and that’s OK. By asking yourself questions about your performance compared to another worker, you can begin to see what made you a top employee.

At your next job, you might want to consider setting monthly goals. Once you’ve accomplished your goals you’ll have a list of proven successes to present to your future employers.

Do you have trouble putting your accomplishments to words? Let us know in the comments below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by jinterwas

Ali Kelley

Ali is a freelance writer who blogs about nonprofits, tech and social media for Chicago startups, Zealous Good, Dabble, and Eventbrite. Since graduating college in 2009, she has learned a ton about job searching in a recession, and is excited to share her experiences. In addition to writing, Ali enjoys the finer things in life like pajamas that double as jeans.

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