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Top 5 Jobs for 2013

Coming into the New Year, job seekers can look at the following list of jobs compiled by U.S. News based on data released by the U.S. Department of Labor that have the best prospects not only in 2013, but for the next several years. These jobs are growing, so finding one of these jobs will be easier than finding others. They also offer good pay and job security. Job seekers don’t have to worry about these jobs falling down the employment ladder. Here’s to a new year, and a new job!

1. Dentist
This occupation made the number one slot in jobs for 2013. According to the U.S. Labor of Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this job is growing faster than the average job at a 21 percent rate. This job pays on average a yearly salary of $146,920. Becoming a dentist involves a lot of exams and school, and getting into dental school can be highly competitive. Dentists must also be licensed in all states and the requirements vary by state.

2. Registered Nurse
As the baby boomers grow older, their healthcare becomes more of a priority. Registered nurses are in high demand with a job growth rate of 26 percent. This job pays an average yearly salary of $64,690. There are a number of places where registered nurses are needed outside of the hospital such as nursing care facilities, schools, the military and home healthcare services.

3. Pharmacist
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that two of the top three jobs are healthcare related jobs. Pharmacist made the list for its projection to add 69,700 new jobs since its growth rate is at 25 percent. One part of the industry that is keeping this job growing is medication therapy management (MTM). Pharmacists counsel patients on their medication and help them reduce drug-related costs.

4. Computer Systems Analyst
A computer systems analyst helps companies utilize their computer system to the best of their ability This job has a lot of different roles, all revolving around different aspects of the computer system such as configuring hardware, matching technology to user needs, and monitoring and testing the system to ensure it’s operating properly. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that between 2010 and 2020 about 120,400 jobs will need to be filled. This job pays a yearly median salary of $78,770.

5. Physician
Physicians cover a wide range of medical fields such as dermatology, pediatrics and surgery. As the population ages, especially the baby-boomers, and younger generations seek preventative care physicians of all sorts will be in high demand in the coming years. This job is growing at 24 percent rate- faster than the national average of most other jobs with a yearly average salary of $183,170.

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