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Top Work Resolutions for 2013

According to a recent survey, the top work-related resolutions for 2013 are a salary raise, developing leadership skills, looking for a new job and improving work performance. This shows that every person has their own work resolution for 2013 in mind; some may want a raise, while others may want to start looking for a new job. Here are some helpful work resolutions that can help you reach your own work resolution for 2013.

Get to know your boss better.
This work resolution will help you get the salary raise you desire. Your boss is your leader and establishing a good relationship with him or her will lead you to make a long standing impression on them when the time for a raise comes along. You don’t have to try to be best friends with your boss, but coming into work by greeting them and starting small talk shows that you are happy to be working with them.

Keep up with your industry.
Stay on top of your resolution to improve on your work performance by staying updated on the latest developments in your industry. This will require some outside work and research, but the payoff will be having an impressive resume and showing your boss that you aren’t slacking when it comes to your work performance. The more well-versed you are in the latest innovations in your industry the better solutions you can offer to your work- and make yourself an even more valuable member of the team.

Improve your communication skills.
This work resolution can help you attain any big goal you have, whether it’s improving your interview skills to land a new job or improve upon your communication skills to become a better and more reliable employee at work. Communication is a key component to working in a team, and if you are the type to stray away from major confrontations with a coworker or boss, then improving your communication skills can be a big help.

Develop new solutions for your department.
Think of some of the developments that will need to be made in your department in 2013, and be the one to offer up some insightful solutions. When it comes to offering a solution to a problem, it’s not just the solution that matters but the plan behind it. Make sure you think about the steps that will be needed to improve upon your department. The more detailed your solutions are the more reliable you’ll come off to your boss.

Don’t overwork yourself.
You may feel that work resolutions like a pay raise and improving work performance demand more work hours and more tasks adding up, but it doesn’t. Becoming a workaholic won’t get you far if your work performance weakens and starts to take a toll on your emotional and physical health. Be smart about your work and put in your best effort in the time you see fit. You may find out that doing more work won’t offer more results.

What are some of your work resolutions for 2013? Share with us in the comments section below!

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