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What Employers Want From Their Employees

Employers expectations of their employees will vary widely depending on what line of work is involved. Clearly an engineer will have to meet different expectations than a flower shop assistant. At least I would think so. Nevertheless, there are a few universal traits that every employer is seeking from their employees. Take a look at some of these characteristics or skills and decide whether or not you possess them or have to work on them.

Communication Skills
Employers want their employees to be able to communicate effectively and thoroughly with anyone they come across. The ability to listen and speak successfully is the key to whether an employee will thrive in their position. Good communication skills are a must and a high priority for most employers.

Employers want employees they can trust will show up for work and do the assigned duties in the time provided. Employer’s worst nightmares are lazy, habitually late employees who take breaks early and often and don’t take their work seriously. Employees with a lack of dependability end up wasting the employers time with training and compensation that could have gone to a worker that will actually do their job.

Team Player
It’s one of the number one things employers inquire about during interviews, and for good reason too. Employers want employees who will be able to work with others to find the best solution. Employees who can work well and relate with their coworkers will achieve much better results than those who cannot take part in working in groups.

Not many people enjoy being micromanaged. In every job, there is a certain amount of independence that will be granted to you as an employee and employers want to make sure that you will be able to make independent decisions at the spur of the moment. Not many employers want to constantly oversee what their employees are doing, so independence is an important trait.

Work environments are constantly changing. If you’re the type of employee who gets anxious or resists change, then you probably won’t go far in your company. Employers seek people who are adaptable to change and are able to adjust themselves to their surroundings easily.

Honesty is important in everyday life and it is especially important in your professional life. Employers want someone they are able to trust with sensitive information and other things of the like. They also want employees who will be honest in terms of feedback and what is and isn’t working in their team or company.

Most of all employers want someone who will be able to perform the duties set for them in the most efficient way possible. Make sure to show your employer that you are hardworking, dependable, honest and all the other traits I’ve listed. Of course, individual employers will probably be seeking different things from their workers, but these are universal traits that every manager is looking for.

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