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Jobs That Have On-the-Job Training

The recession has left many Americans unemployed- 12.8 million is the latest number from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  While some jobs seek candidates with years of education under their belt in their designated field of study, there are jobs that provide on-the-job training. These on-the-job-training jobs offer good pay and are a way to earn as you learn.

On-the-job training positions provide a career path for people who can’t afford to go to college. These jobs show how experience is often valued more than education and they offer the opportunity for you to gain experience by doing hands-on on-the-job training. The type of training varies from formal training to apprenticeship-style training. You can start a career right now by doing one these on-the-job-training jobs:

Air Traffic Controller
Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of air traffic to ensure that flights run smoothly from departure to arrival. Attending the Federal Aviation Administration Academy (FAA) is required for you to learn how traffic is regulated. The training is extensive and takes two to four years to complete. Controllers end up earning a hefty pay. On average they earn $100,000, making it one of the highest paying jobs that doesn’t require a college degree.

Dental Assistant
It’s one of the many growing jobs in the healthcare field, expected to grow 36 percent through 2018. It’s also the top best job for young people as 17.6 percent of the workers in the field are younger than 25.  This position requires only moderate-term on-the-job training working alongside a dentist and fellow dental assistants. Duties require preparing patients, preparing dental equipment and office filing. Dental assistants earn on average $33,022 a year.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
Learn how to operate or control nuclear reactors at this job. Training is provided to learn moving control rods, starting and stopping equipment, monitoring and adjusting controls, and recording data in logs. The on-the-job training is extensive and a license is required by passing an exam. Go through all the training and you can earn an average of $68,000 a year.

Real Estate Careers
If you have a passion of selling, then real estate may be the right fit for you. Real estate agents help people sell and buy houses. Their on-the-job training makes the job easily available to anyone who wants to earn a good wage. Agents are trained by assisting more experienced real estate professionals and by working in direct competition with other sales representatives. A license is needed to become a broker, which is a real estate agent that can manage their own real estate business.  It requires 30 to 90 hours of classroom training and participating in real estate for one to three years. A real estate agent makes $36,991 on average. However, you can expect to earn more if you become a licensed broker.

Private Detective
If you like mystery and intrigue, then consider becoming a private detective. Services range from verifying people’s backgrounds, tracing missing persons, investigating computer crimes and protecting celebrities. Apprentice-style training offers you to work with experienced detectives and learn the skills that are required for the job. The work is often demanding, but the apprentice-style training offers the opportunity to branch off and start your own private practice. In some states a license is required, but it varies from state to state. Master investigation skills can earn $41,570 on average.

Elevator Repairer
When an elevator breaks not just any technician is called to fix it, elevator repairers are trained to specifically know the ins and outs of elevators. Elevator repairers install, fix and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways and other lifts. As the technology in building elevators advances, repairers receive a reasonable amount of on-the-job training. Specialized technical and logical skills are the reasons why this job is in such high demand. Learn through a four-year paid apprenticeship program. These elevator savvy individuals take home around $63,803 a year.

SOURCE: Buzzle
IMAGE: Courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration

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