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Sniffing Out Training for Skills to Get to the Next Level

Sniffing Out Training for Skills to Get to the Next Level

Receiving a call informing you of a career rejection after an interview is an exceptionally disheartening experience. As if being passed over wasn’t enough, learning that with only a little more training or experience you would have been the perfect candidate can feel like a punch in the gut. Even when applying for a promotion in your current position, this type of news can be devastating.

Fortunately, there are a number of great opportunities out there for those that are looking for additional training and experience to gain skills required to get to the next level in their careers. These trainings and educational opportunities are frequently free or minimally priced. Furthermore, they can be the difference between more rejections and landing your dream job.

Educational Opportunities

The value of a solid education is not something to be understated. Having a college degree has been shown to greatly increase your annual earnings and can rocket you into the next tax bracket. Even the difference between a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree can be significant in most fields including business, healthcare, and natural resources.

That being said, sometimes education can leave small gaps in skills that are necessary to qualify for a career position or to gain a promotion. In many of these cases, the federal government has stepped in to help. For example, the Ohio University Nursing program was awarded a grant of nearly $5 million to help provide additional training to nurses that have been unemployed for three to six months. The program accepts nearly 70 students per year that are looking to gain education and get back into the workforce.

Workshops and Certifications

There are also a number of workshops and certifications that can add a substantial boost to a resume. Certifications especially give potential or current employers proof that you have learned a skill and are capable of incorporating it into your position. Often times these types of trainings involve giving up one or two weekends and learning something completely new that can come in handy.

In career paths that require employees to have a compilation of random skills, picking up a few different certifications or attending workshops on the various subjects can make the difference. For instance, many jobs within the field of natural resources are looking for people with some credentials in wilderness first aid/CPR, handling pesticides, and working with a chainsaw or with experience identifying birds, wildlife tracks, and teaching children. Taking certification courses before applying increases the chance of getting hired significantly.

On-the-Job Training

Occasionally, there are opportunities to gain on-the-job training at your place of employment. Not only is this type of training typically free, but frequently it is absolutely essential to moving forward in your chosen career. A number of companies even link reviews, promotion potential, and raises to the employee’s ability to complete company-provided training.

Attending company provided training courses or any trainings covered by the company and completed outside of work can be a significant benefit to your career. They show management that you are trying to improve and it gives you the skills to succeed at the next level. These types of training also generally provide quality networking time within the organization, which can also be a big step in being noticed during the next round of promotions.

There are plenty of opportunities to gain additional training and experience for your career. The difficulty comes with sniffing out the ones that are right for you. Searching for educational grants and programs, certification courses, and on-the-job trainings can be a great way to give you the extra skills needed to pursue your dream job or to obtain that promotion.

About the Author: Brittni Brown is a recent graduate of The College of Idaho. In her free time she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and rafting.

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