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Watch Your Favorite Shows on your Mobile Device with BuddyTV

TechCrunch reported that as of Monday, startup BuddyTV has hooked up with AT&T to take their mobile TV app to the next level.
In collaboration with AT&T, with BuddyTV AT&T users can directly control their receivers with the BuddyTV Guide. From their iPod, iPad or iPhone, users can filter out shows and stations they don’t really use and subscribe only to channels and shows they want to watch. According to TechCrunch, the more shows and stations that you “heart and like”, meaning add to your favorites, the more it can filter out shows and viewings that you don’t want and focus more on suggesting other things that you may like.

In a way, it’s like the Pandora app for TV: you can use favorite channels to create a personalized TV listing that displays only the channels that users watch most often (including HD channels). It also allows users to set up reminders and receive notifications so that they’ll never miss an episode of their favorite show.

Essentially, it is turning your device into a huge, virtual remote control that works better the more you use it.

Check the video out on BuddyTV below:

SOURCE: TechCrunch

Nicole Nicholson

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