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Startup Saves the Image of Other Blossoming Companies

What is a company to do when their rival company boasts slanderous comments and reviews about their business? They can lose customers and money if they do not act fast. That is precisely where one of the hottest startups right now comes into play: Profile Defenders. As Market Watch reports, their services are designed to repair the images of companies both small and large and is quickly becoming one of the hottest startups in the country, both fiscally and through their glowing, growing reputation.

With easy access to a company’s profile and the effortless ability the internet gives to anyone who wants to hide behind an alias, competition between companies has taken a very different turn. Companies can easily go onto a rival company’s profile and post slanderous comments about their service or product that are untrue or unwarranted. As Market Watch states, “usually the accusations are unjust and designed only to deface the company, outraging the victims of bad press and prompting them to fight back.” For fresh, new companies, image is everything and when you are investing most of your money into your startup and place most of your hopes on its success, a destroyed image can ruin everything.

According to the article, Profile Defenders has a 100% success rate so far in restoring and maintaining a company’s image. Once slander is detected, it is their job to address and fix it, but their work doesn’t stop there. Once the initial restoration of the company’s image has been restored, Profile Defenders keeps a close eye by monitoring the internet for any false, negative comments and fixing them when they do arise. Unlike most startups, Profile Defenders has maintained a great image while also being financially successful. That startup has locations in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

SOURCE: Market Watch
IMAGE: Courtesy of Marketwire

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