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Seattle Best City For Tech Jobs

Look out New York and Silicon Valley, Seattle is the number one region for high-tech job growth.

“Built on a base of such tech powerhouses as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, Seattle has enjoyed the steadiest and most sustained tech growth over the past decade,” reported Forbes. After Seattle, Baltimore; Columbus, OH; Raleigh, N.C.; and Salt Lake City followed as other leading cities for high-tech job growth.

According to the statistics, Silicon Valley came in at number 17 despite being known for its “concentration of tech jobs,” reports the Seattle Times. According to Forbes, that ranking “reflects the little known fact that, even with the recent last dot-com craze sparking over 5% growth over the past two years, the Valley remains the ‘biggest loser’ among the nation’s tech regions, surrendering roughly one quarter of its high-tech jobs — about 80,000 — in the past decade.”

On the other hand though, Forbes claims that the tech industry is always changing and so the locales and regions that are booming can change too. If the boom in social media that is currently taking place continues, the “Bay Area could recover more of its lost jobs and further extend its primacy. … But based on both historic and recent trends, the surest bet for future growth still stands with our top five winners, led by the rain-drenched, but prospering Seattle region.” If that’s the case, startups and those searching for high-tech jobs might want to skip New York and California and hop right on over to Seattle to secure a position.

SOURCE: The Seattle Times
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