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3 organic food startups

1. Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate is a Colorado chocolate manufacturing company that is developing a line of direct-trade, organic, dark chocolate bars. Ritual Chocolate is involved with the entire chocolate making process ensuring traceability of ingredients and sustainable living for cacao farmers.

2. Quinn Popcorn

Microwave popcorn, but without ALL the chemicals. They’re replaced with natural ingredients and fun and unique flavors. Made of only organic corn kernels, non-GMO expeller pressed oils, and organic and all natural spices & herbs – they even took everything out of the bag BUT the paper.

3. It’s Just Bananas

It’s literally just bananas made into soft-serve. An organic, vegan, unprocessed treat aiming to appeal to nearly everyone, they offer an alternative to many other desserts that exclude large groups of people with dietary restrictions or preferences. With the consistency and flavor of ice cream, but without all of the additive, sugars, or dairy.

SOURCE: Quinn Popcorn, Ritual Chocolate, It’s Just Bananas

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