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3 startups saving the world

1. The SunSaluter

Eden Full, a Princeton University mechanical engineering student, invented the SunSaluter using only recycled materials. The SunSaluter is a $10 tracking rotation system that maximizes the output of solar panels so 40 % fewer panels are needed to generate the same amount of power. A pilot program is already in place in Africa.

2. The Bell Solar Lamp

About 2 billion people are living off the electrical grid. They depend on weak, expensive, polluting and flammable kerosene lamps to live and study after dark. The Bell lamp is a solar powered innovation with multiple functions that will bring better, safer and cheaper light to these communities. The company hopes it will appeal to the first world as well as the developing world with innovations like a mobile phone charger.

3. The BetaShower

A public shower system for those in need, in both developed and developing nations. It uses up to 3 different water sources to help maximize the water resources available and help reduce overall water consumption. It is made from recycled materials and powered by solar energy. For a small fee communities in the 3rd would will get access to a 5 minute shower that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

SOURCE: Case Foundation

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