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4 Chicago-based startups to watch

Chicago Skyline

Is Chicago the next silicon valley? With companies like Groupon leading the way, in the past few years the second city has emerged as one of the hottest cities for technology entrepreneurs.

Here are four that are making a splash:

1. Tabblr is a mobile application that suggests activities based on the users location.

“Pull up Tabblr anywhere you are to discover new activities to participate in. Use Tabblr’s mobile app at shopping centers, large venues, parks or even around town to see everything happening around you. Find events, specials or deals from your favorite places and from places you never knew existed.”

2. MyZeus finds movies you would like based on your favorite music. The services hooks up to your account and compares it to cinematic soundtracks. The company aims to be a tool rather than a social network.

“Share personalized movie matches, suggest and discuss titles with friends. Discover movies in ways you’d have never thought possible.”

3. Scenetap is set to launch July 22nd and aims to change how people go out. They have partnered with dozens of bars in Chicago installing face tracking cameras that detect the number, gender and age of it’s patrons. This information is funneled into an app that allows users to sort by how full the bar is and who is there.

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