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5 Corporations MBA Grads Kill to Work For

Most professionals who earn their MBA have a few ‘dream companies’ where they would kill to land a job. According to recent surveys, below are some of the hottest companies that MBA grads want to work for, why, and how to get hired there:

#1 Google

Not exactly a big surprise, and this is the sixth year in a row that Google is at the top of the list. The big reason that MBA grads would kill to work here is for the chance to do cool and interesting things that matter, according to a Universum USA survey.

Google really sets the standard when it comes to perks and benefits, including pods where you can take a midday nap. But the big reason that MBA grads want to work here is that they have the chance to solve complex problems at a very powerful company that has global impact.

According to those who work there, at Google you are not assigned to one little job in one area. Every role has what they call touchpoints and you get to expand your knowledge and skills all the time.

#2 McKinsey and Company

This consulting company is consistently at the top of the list for recent MBA graduates. The company, known by many in the industry as The Firm, is well known for its deep relationships with its clients. The consulting firm has advised top corporations, presidents and some of the biggest and most powerful businesses in the world.

Any new MBA who works here can expect to be working on very challenging and important projects for many top organizations.

Anyone MBA who wants to work here should know that you need to be a real high achiever and have a very high upside in four areas:

  • Problem solving
  • Personal impact
  • Determination
  • Leadership

#3 Apple

Apple recently surpassed a staggering $500 billion in value, and there are few signs that the tech giant is slowing.

MBAs hired at Apple work on many strategic business projects across many divisions. These include real estate, design, finance and merchandising.

MBAs should note that Apple has grown explosively in the last 10 years and has hired a lot of people. There appears to be a push to hire more MBAs in the post-Jobs era. In fact, more than 50% of MBAs at Apple have been there for two years or less.

If you want to be hired at Apple, try to get into their MBA internship program – it recruits at Chicago, Duke, Harvard and other top business schools.

#4 Bain and Company

Bain is renowned for being obsessive about results. The relentless focus on the bottom line has developed some of the best business minds in the world, including Mitt Romney. He worked as a top consultant at Bain before he became the CEO of the company.

MBA hires learn to become skilled general managers here. Consultants drive change and results in companies all over the globe, from corporations to nonprofit organizations.

MBAs wanting to be hired at Bain need to show that they are change agents and are able to get a lot done.

Note – a great perk at Bain is their Take Two program, where a consultant who works for 10 months straight can take two months off.

#5 Boston Consulting Group

This top, global consulting company really invests in the development of its employees and pays them very well, which is why the firm usually ranks as one of the best to work for in most surveys.

Another big reason MBAs want to get hired here is that Boston Consulting Group allows young MBA hires to really make a difference on big projects. Many consultants are able to tackle truly complex, challenging and rewarding client projects. For many of these consultants, these projects are a once-in-a-career opportunity that can lead to promotions, higher pay and possibly an executive suite down the road.

To be hired here, you have to be a great leader, but the firm also takes careful note on how well you work with your team.

Are you an MBA graduate looking to work for one of these top companies? Tell us your story below.

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