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sparkCast Episode 040

Spark Hire PodcastNot getting that promotion that you worked so hard to try to get can be really disheartening. It’s just about enough to make you want to pack up your desk and head on out of the office for good. While that may be what you want to do, it’s not always the smartest idea. Plus, the way you deal with not receiving a promotion can greatly influence the way your employers perceive and treat you. For this weeks podcast, Spark Hire touches on how to deal with not getting that promotion.

We also take a look at what Gen-Y job seekers can learn from the job search of baby boomers. Back in the day searching for a job wasn’t an online experience because there was no internet! Instead, baby boomer job seekers relied on word of mouth, the newspaper and many other resources. Tune into our podcast here below to hear about those baby boomer job search tactics so you an improve your job search today!

Articles Covered
How to Deal with Not Receiving a Promotion
5 Baby Boomer Tactics for Gen-Y Job Seekers

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