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sparkCast Episode 041

Spark Hire PodcastDo you ever wonder if it’s appropriate to talk about your favorite sports team in a job interview? What if their favorite team and yours are rivals? Will this jeopardize your chances of getting the job? Well, you are not the only one that has ever thought of this if you have. In fact, making small talk and talking about your personal life in a job interview can often be a tricky thing. Thankfully, Spark Hire takes a few minutes to discuss this topic in this week’s podcast.

We also take a look at what kinds of different company cultures there are out there in the business world. While looking for a job it is really important to make sure you are looking for a good company culture fit as well as a skill fit. Signing up to work for a company with a wacky company culture can really put you in a tough position. Tune into our podcast and try and see what kind of company culture you should be looking for in your job search.

Articles Covered
Tips For Chatting with an Interviewer
Different Kinds of Company Culture

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