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sparkCast Episode 039

Spark Hire PodcastJob seekers often look for ways to cut corners because, let’s face it, the job search is tough. Creating a fresh, new cover letter for every job you apply to sounds time-consuming and tedious, but it’s essential. Cutting corners only makes your job search longer! In this week’s podcast, Spark Hire talks about how job seekers absolutely need to create a new cover letter each time. Hiring managers will know you are using a cookie-cutter cover letter if you don’t.

We also touched on some great ways job seekers can build up their confidence before a job interview. It can be difficult and nerve-wracking for some to participate in an interview, but exuding confidence is key. Tune into our podcast here below to hear some of the great ways you can boost your confidence so you can succeed.

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6 Ways to Build Your Confidence in a Job Interview

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