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Seal the Deal with a Good Job Interview Follow Up

Seal the Deal with a Good Job Interview Follow Up

Did you finally get an opportunity to attend a personal interview for that job that you’ve been scoping out for months? You probably nailed the interview—you made your interviewer smile and they told you that they’d get back to you.

Now that it’s over, don’t just go back home and sit by the phone waiting for that all important call. After spending ages constructing the right resume, you don’t want to forget about the job interview follow up that actually seals the deal.

How Does a Good Job Interview Follow Up Make A Difference?

Recruiters can get really busy trying to process the number of candidates that come and go. It’s important that you remind them that you are truly interested in the job, and that you really want to hear from them. Show them just how much you want that position in their company, and how much it would mean to you. In fact, even if you had a bad interview, a good follow up could work wonders.

A follow up is to remind the employer that you’re still interested. A good one cements your place in the company. Focus on two things: how interested and enthusiastic you are about the job, and a quick highlight of previous experience to show why you’re perfect it. Avoid talking about your salary and the benefits you will get.

A Well Written Email Does the Trick

It is important that you note down all that was discussed in the interview, while it is still fresh in your memory. Once you get home, review how it went, and put the highlights into an email expressing that you were truly grateful for the opportunity. A majority of recruiters say that they reject candidates after the follow up email, because of all the mistakes. So it is crucial that you proofread your mail before you send it. Don’t dally too long though; it’s best that you follow up within a 48 hour period after the interview.

If you had some competition while you were being interviewed, it is important that you send your follow up mail as soon as you can. If they get back saying that another candidate was chosen instead, remember to thank them for their time and consideration. Even if this action alone doesn’t make them change their minds, it will at least generate lasting good will.

Reassure Them with Snail Mail and Phone Calls

A few candidates also like to send a second, handwritten thank you letter after the email. This might take awhile to get to your recruiters, but it could reach them when they are looking over your resume and considering you for the job. Handwritten notes always add a great personal touch to any interaction.

If your interviewers don’t call back, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and dial their number. Ask them where you stand, and if they have feedback, take it positively. It is important to get closure, even if it’s not the news you want to hear.

The thing to remember about a job interview follow up, is that a classy, personal touch will always leave you head and shoulders over the herd. However, you should never overdo it. Don’t harass the company with too many mails and phone calls. The trick is to find a nice balance, be formal, and forever stay positive.

About the Author: As Head of Marketing at Aditi Staffing – an IT staffing agency, Rakesh is responsible for organizational brand outlook. With over 10 years of experience in various sales and marketing roles including an entrepreneurship attempt in the Digital Display Advertising world, he brings a comprehensive approach to Aditi Staffing’s brand management in the global recruitment market.

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