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So You Majored in Economics?

First of all, congratulations on choosing a very marketable major! Economics majors have a lot of great options for jobs that pay well. In fact, Career Rookie states that economics majors are among the top earners right out of college. With that in mind, here are some careers that might not immediately come to mind during a job search as an economics major, but could potentially be a great fit.

Insurance Underwriter
Actuarial science majors get all the glory when it comes to insurance careers, but economics majors are also excellent risk assessors. Using analytics and research you will come up with good ways to write low-risk policies that still please consumers.
Apply at: Insurance companies

Purchasing Manager
Big organizations and companies have to buy a lot of things in order to keep things running. Your job would be to oversee and plan those purchases…and try to get transferred to a place where you can buy really cool things.
Apply at: Colleges/universities, large companies

Project Coordinator
The great part about this position is that you can apply for this title at a company that does something you love. Every major company has project coordinators, and your experience with data and budgeting will make you a natural fit.
Apply at: Everywhere!

Business Manager
Like the previous title, applying for business manager positions will allow you to work for an organization that you are passionate about. Check out some non-profits, arts organizations or any other company that you admire!
Apply at: Anywhere you like.

Demographer (Statistician)
This position often has a teaching component, if that interests you. Otherwise, all kinds of companies hire demographers/statisticians to crunch numbers for research, business models or public record.
Apply at: State and U.S. government, healthcare organizations, colleges/universities

Market Research Analyst
This may be the stereotypical entry-level business job, but there’s a good reason for that. There are a lot of jobs, and you get a great amount of experience with research, business and number crunching.
Apply at: Insurance companies, or anywhere that sells things!

Additionally, here are some great options for dream jobs down the road. Turns out, everyone loves someone who is good with money! These are a few jobs of experienced economics alumni, listed on the Rutgers website.

Your research skills and ability to analyze complex patterns and trends will help you out as a federal agent. I could tell you what you might do, but that’s classified.

News Writer, Dow Jones
Use your economic prowess to explain all of the intricacies of Wall Street. Good luck!

Product Manager, American Stock Exchange
Need I say more?

Hope some of these job titles spark some bright ideas for your job search. Best of luck!

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