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Part Time Jobs for College Students

A great way for college students to start getting some real-world job experience in anticipation for their gradation is to pick up part time employment. Part time jobs are great because unlike a burdensome full-time job, part time jobs offer more flexibility and enough pay to have money for going out on the weekends and saving up for expenses. Part time jobs for students offer valuable learning through responsibilities that come with having a job, and learning what it takes to make a buck. Part time employment, like much of employment lately, isn’t easy to come by. However college students have the advantage of living on-campus where jobs are easily available, and jobs off campus are always looking for eager college students to take on weekend jobs. Here are some of the best part time jobs for students.

Babysitting is a long standing favorite for students. As Kiplinger states, it’s a great weekend or evening job with an hourly wage of up to $20 depending on experience, location and amount of children. Babysitting comes easy for students that are early education majors and those that love children. Aside from a good hourly wage, students can also benefit from having free food, a new network of contacts for future job opportunities, and time to do homework away from the noisy dorm rooms. A lot of parents like to have consistency in their lives and once they seek out a babysitter they hope to keep them for the long run. Therefore you can find yourself with a steady job and income for practically your entire time at college if you play your cards right.

You can be at the big football game and get paid for being there. Being an usher make great part time employment for students that are looking to make some money. This job will require working weekends, so if you don’t mind missing out on some weeknight fun in exchange for money and potential backstage access to your favorite sport or movie then you should be alright. Ushers make an average hourly wage of $8-$11. You can probably find a job on-campus working at your local arena or you can check out other major venues in your community for this part time employment. Look for what you’re interested in. If you like football look for the sports stadium, if you like musicals look at theaters. There’s the right venue for you to usher out there.

Home for the holidays but don’t have any cash to buy presents? Seasonal jobs make great part time employment for college students. All of the retail and toy stores are looking for some extra hands to help out during the holiday shopping madness. Since you have no classes, you can work plenty of hours during the week giving you ample weekend time to catch up with your old high school friends, and save money to buy your family and friends presents. Seasonal jobs are great part time jobs to fall back into when you come home. You can make an average $7-$11 an hour.

Working as a restaurant server is another popular job among college students seeking part time employment. This job works great for their flexible schedules, working nights and weekends. The tips are also great if you please the customers with good food and service. Servers also have the perk of enjoying free or discounted food which really helps out the college student looking for a break from the everyday dining hall fare.

So if you are looking for part time employment or great weekend jobs to supplement your education, consider some of these and get to working!

What are some part time jobs that you picked up in college or currently hold as a student? Let us know in the comments section below!

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