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So You Majored in Politcal Science?

You have a great handle on American politics and foreign relations, and now you are looking for some job titles that are available to more than a dozen people in the country (Stephen Colbert, I’m looking at you). Here are some positions you can get with your degree in political science that will use your expertise in a variety of ways. You’ll also be able to make excellent water cooler conversation.

Assistant Planner
This position will put your keen civic mind to good use as you work with the City/Urban Planner to keep your city running smoothly. You might deal with zoning and data analysis, but you’ll also get to work on promoting your town and organizing community events.
Apply at: City governments

Legislative Research Analyst
You get to decode all of those thousand-page pieces of legislation that our state and federal governments pass. This might also involve conducting interviews, analyzing data and writing reports about your findings.
Apply at: State/local governments and nonprofit organizations

Government Relations Policy Consultant
In this position you will probably work for a large company who wants to know how legislation will impact its business. The difference between this job and the previous one is that this has a more private focus, as opposed to a public service focus. Be sure to check out both!
Apply at: Large companies, especially places like banks and healthcare groups

Public Relations Assistant
You know how politics work, and you know how campaigns work. These skills aren’t so different whether you’re selling politicians or movie stars. When you apply, play up your transferable skills, and show your future employer that your political knowledge will be a unique asset to their team.
Apply at: PR firms, the marketing departments of individual companies

Program Assistant
Your analytical and communications skills will make you a great asset to any kind of cause you want to put your weight behind. Check out causes that are important to you- and cool local companies- and apply to be a part of their team. This might be a great time to make a cold call!
Apply at: Any place that does work you believe in

Legislative Assistant/Campaign Assistant
This might be what you wanted to do all along when you started studying political science. You get to be a part of the political process— woo hoo! Here is an article with some tips and tricks to get started on your legislative assistant path– it’s not an easy path by any means.
Apply at: State/local governments

The dream jobs for a political science major are admittedly pretty obvious. However, let’s revel in them for a minute anyway.

Daily Show Correspondent
You have to be funny and well informed for this position, and you’ve already got one of the two in the bag. Anyone else excited for the Stewart-O’Reilly debate?

Chief of Staff
This is the best job in the world when your candidate is doing well…and the worst job in the world when those Vegas pictures hit the tabloids. Enjoy it while it lasts, though.

Foreign Correspondent
Report on and write about all of foreign relations you learned in school. And hopefully you’ll get the perfect balance of hazard that is brag-worthy, but not actually harmful.

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IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by tjmwatson
Job Information: Courtesy of American Political Science Association

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