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So You Majored in Film Studies?

You love movies, media and all things visual. In spite of the somewhat bad rap that film gets, as a major, graduates actually have a lot of very marketable skills. Here are some jobs that will use your analytical, technical and artistic sensibilities to their best advantage.

Marketing Assistant
Although marketing might not be what you first think of as a film major, your communication skills and media knowledge will actually make you a great unconventional fit for this job. Emphasize your dynamic multi-media expertise and your pop culture knowledge when you apply (as well as writing ability).
Apply at: Marketing firms or basically any medium to large company

Sound/Video Editor
Everything that comes on television, radio or the silver screen has to get past a good editor first. If you are a recent graduate, think small (for now!). Even my tiny hometown has a local news station that hires sound and video editors.
Apply at: Broadcast radio and television companies, media companies, marketing firms

Production Assistant
The sky’s the limit with this one as all kinds of media groups need producers with technical know-how. Don’t think this is similar to an editorial position though. You might be involved in sound/video editing, but unlike a full-time editor you will have more interaction with the project management side of things.
Apply at: Media companies, local radio stations

Security Technician
Surprised? A lot of security runs on technology, including video that has to work properly. A few extra classes in computers and networking might not go amiss in helping land one of these jobs, but your technical know-how will get your foot in the door. A night shift might also make excellent fodder for a film of your own.
Apply at: Security companies, companies with in-house security

Media Planner/Buyer
Your pop culture expertise will come in handy as you become responsible for placing ads in television and other media. You might even look as snazzy as this fellow. Be sure to play up your media background, consumer knowledge, and communications skills when you apply.
Apply at: Media companies, advertising firms

Administrative Assistant
I know, I know, this sounds like no fun at all. However, working as an assistant is a great way to get your foot in the door at a company that you are very interested in (or get to a city that you are very interested in). Try to pick a position where your professional skills will get some use.
Apply at: Companies that interest you enough to be an assistant for them (like a Film Commission)

You studied film because you believe in doing what you love. Here are some careers that you will love— so you can start planning now.

Colorizing Technician
Although you might face some backlash from film purists, colorizing could be a super cool job. You might add color to black-and-white films, or work on restoring older colored films. If you saw the Jaws restoration, you know what I’m talking about.

Film Festival Organizer
This will require project management skills in addition to a love of film. The organizational headaches would be totally worth all the cool people you’d get to meet.

Film Archivist
Are you passionate about preserving film history? This job is for you. You might do everything from restorations to library work to promotional events. Check out more information here.

*Can you tell me why people love watching movies and television, but don’t love it when someone takes the time to study them? Leave a comment below, or send me a tweet:@ithinkther4iamb

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by Katzi!
Information gathered from Purchase College

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