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Is It Really Best To Stay Late and Arrive Early?

The habit of getting to work 15 to 30 minutes ahead of schedule is generally seen as good preparation. You can speak to coworkers, fix your favorite beverage and arrange your work area for optimum performance. However, those who routinely show up an hour or so ahead of schedule may not be sending the best message. This may be symptomatic of a poor time manager— someone who is unable to get the job done adequately in the time allowed.

Keeping long hours may be indicative of a person who slacks off during their regular shift hoping to make up for insufficient production later. An employee who clocks a lot of hours while turning in the same amount of work as those who adhere to their assigned time frame does not establish a good record. This may be a warning sign of an unproductive worker.

The personal side of life
It is essential to remember one of the main reasons we pursue gainful employment— to enhance our personal life. Yes, professional career goals are critical, but they aren’t the entire picture. Personal pleasure, moments with special people and relaxation should also be at the top of one’s list of priorities. Achieving a perfect life-work balance pays long–term dividends. A balanced life allows for breathing room and stress relief. It is also one of the best ways to prevent burn-out. Studies have shown that job satisfaction is highest among workers who report an active social life, avoid working through breaks, take regular vacations and maintain a healthy occupational viewpoint.

It may be better to work-out rather than work late
Some employees may check in early and stay late to fill space. Being on the job is the most significant and meaningful part of their day. For these individuals, it may be helpful to broaden the horizons. Developing a hobby or interest in an activity can add another dimension to life. An exercise routine is one of the easiest ways to alter the pace. The possibilities for this are endless- limited only by one’s imagination and preferences. Anything from antiquing to zebra watching can become a fun way spend the hours away from work.

Personal reflection

Allowing a job to overshadow all activities can be a form of escapism. If work time always tends to take over, ask yourself if you are skirting some vital aspect of your personal life. Identifying problematic issues and making corrections will enable you to operate as a complete and balanced individual with all things in proper perspective.

Get an okay
Managers do not frown on the occasional modification in plans. If you must alter your schedule, be sure to get your supervisor’s approval or at least give the supervisor a heads up about your extended stay.

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Adrienne Jones

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