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Great Jobs Outside the Cubicle

Some workers may fully enjoy their small enclosed box furnished with an attached desk and covered in fabric. For others though, life in a cubicle isn’t the ideal job environment. There are jobs out there that take you out of the cubicle and put you in an environment that’s cubicle-free. Here are some jobs that won’t keep you at your cubicle and feeling as though you are stifled in a grey fabric box.

Do you like video games? People that can’t stay away from their Xbox will have a lot of fun being a video game tester. There are hundreds of new games always being made and the final product has to be perfect. In order to reach gaming perfection there are a lot of faults and edits that need to be checked out. Who finds the tweaks that need to be adjusted? Why, video game testers do, and you can be one too. Video game testers are paid in the range of $20,000-100,000 depending on the hours spent and length of employment. The only downside is playing the same game over and over again, but that’s a small price gamers have to pay.

As our baby boomers get older, they’ll be in need of more help from recreational therapists. This profession offers you the chance to work hands-on with patients using a variety of techniques to coordinate and plan activities that will improve their physical and emotional well-being. Recreational activities such as dance, games, music, and arts and crafts are just some of the activities therapists use. The US Bureau of Labor estimates their median salary at $39,410 a year. Get paid to do fun recreational activities while helping improve the lives of senior citizens. What could be greater than that?

Are you a master chef in the kitchen? Then perhaps it’s time to take those skills into a real kitchen. Chefs work in a typically fast paced environment. As the saying goes, “if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Expect to be quick on your feet and even quicker with your hands, preparing, cooking and plating delicious food to send out of the kitchen. Head chefs oversee the food preparation and direct the kitchen staff as well. This job on average will pay $40,630 a year, but it varies depending on the location and quality of the restaurant.

Are you the go-to party planner in your group of friends? If you’ve always gotten a kick out of decorating and planning parties, then being an event planner is the perfect outside-the-cubicle job for you. Organizational skills are a must for this job that has you on-site at convention halls and hotels. Traveling is just one of the perks of this job. You’ll be working out all the details in coordinating and planning professional meeting events. This job has a median yearly salary of $44,260.

This job is for the people that had a pet rock and loved it. Geologists study the physical attributes that composite the Earth and use it to learn about the past, present and future. Given the current spotlight on climate change, geologists are in high demand. Petroleum geologists- who study ocean or land terrain for oil and gas deposits- to engineering geologists- who are used for work such as land development and environmental remediation- are just some of the types of geologists in high demand. Geologists make an average of $82,500 a year.

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