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So You Majored in Sports Studies?

So you spent most of the last two weeks either glued to the television or plotting ways to get to London. I hope you succeeded, but now that the Olympics are over it’s time to start thinking about a job again. Here are some fun— and practical— job titles to search for as a sports major as you combat post-Olympics doldrums.

Wellness Coordinator
With the push toward healthier workplaces and communities, many different kinds of organizations are starting to hire someone to plan healthy events. You will organize things like health screenings, wellness fairs and healthy group activities. Duties will, of course, vary by where you work.
Apply at: Senior living facilities, public health organizations, larger private companies

Exercise Test Technologist
Administer medical tests like cardiac stress tests and EKGs. You might have to read the fine print on these applications because some positions require more lab work than others. You may or may not be qualified to run labs, depending on what your emphasis was in school.
Apply at: Hospitals/Clinics, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Director of Intramurals and Recreation
This sounds like the coolest job in the world (and mostly it is). You will coordinate all intramural activities, likely for a college or university. You will have to take care of things like budgeting, training clinics for officials and risk management. In return, you get to spend all of your time organizing events that people love.
Apply at: Colleges and universities

Marketing Assistant
Instead of using your degree to participate directly in sports or medicine, consider using your expertise in both to craft dynamic marketing campaigns. Possibly even step outside of the sports marketing arena, if necessary, and use your experience in project management and promotion to secure a position at a more general firm.
Apply at: Marketing firms, news/radio stations

Ticket Manager
Your sports organization skills will shine in this position as you oversee operations related to ticket sales and distribution. This not only means organizing season tickets, budgeting and marketing, but also overseeing all of your part-time staff. Perhaps you did grunt work as an undergrad working the ticket register. Now it’s your chance to be the boss.
Apply at: Colleges/Universities, sports venues

Physical Therapy Aide
This job will also require reading some fine print as responsibilities vary significantly by position. Some jobs will require a physical therapy assistant license or nursing license, but many will not. You will assist a licensed physical therapist with patients, records and equipment maintenance.
Apply at: Hospital/Clinics, College/Universities, Senior living facilities

Still dreaming of wearing one of those Olympic lanyards? Here are a few jobs worthy of Olympic gold.

Sports Announcer
No way will you be as obnoxious as the ones they always seem to hire. Start small— covering high school and college events— and work your way up!

Assistant Coach for a Professional Sports team
Whose head is not on the line —and on the television— when your team doesn’t make the playoffs? Yours. You get all of the fun, most of the pay and none of the bad press of a head coach.

Exercise Video Guru
I originally thought that a Hollywood personal trainer would be cool, but then you have to deal with cranky celebrities. This way, you can help an infinite number of people get fit without ever having to smell their sweat.

Best of luck in your job search!

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IMAGE: Courtesy of Reinhardt University

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