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Could Your Job Be Outsourced?

The word outsourcing, when spoken out load, tends to send chills through employee spines all across the U.S. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a career in this limited job market, the possibility of being outsourced is haunting- especially in certain fields. But with more skilled and trained overseas workers – and more jobs heading offshore – is outsourcing still haunting, or is it quickly fading away?

Jobs fields in customer and service support and information technology seem to have fallen victim to the alluded outsourcing. Even jobs in journalism aren’t safe. Chicago-based paper Journatic is currently assigning overseas workers to write hyper-local articles for their U.S. based paper. Paying just 35 to 40 cents a story, the overseas workers, while using research online, will pump out as many stories as possible – credibility not included. It just goes to show that if someone in the world can do a job cheaper, better believe that they will be utilized.

So outsourcing seems like a trend that is only going to continue. But one of the first jobs that were being outsourced, manufacturing, is now being reversed back to the U.S. In particular, the auto industry and furniture manufactures outsourced their jobs to China. After years and years of successfully building their country into a top nation, China’s rates have gone up. China’s growing economy is taking the incentives away from companies trying to outsource. According to NBC’s Rockcenter, by 2015, it will be only about 10 percent cheaper to manufacture in China rather than the U.S. This recently sparked major corporations like Ford Motor Company to bring back 2,000 jobs from China after negotiating with the United Auto Workers.

However, even though in a few years China will only have a 10 percent discount on their manufacturing, that doesn’t account for one huge cost: healthcare. As long as offshore outsourcing eliminates a company’s cost to spend on healthcare, the trend will still continue. Despite other country’s rapidly growing economy such as India, you shouldn’t expect such a dramatic increase in outsourcing. Even though India’s economy is on the rise, and salary demands will mutually rise with it, still expect your Bank of America telephone banker to be from overseas.

As far as the safest jobs are in regards to being outsourced, it’s safe to say that construction and health care will stay here. Ironically enough, these two career fields aren’t only safe from being outsourced, but are leading the way in the job market and are showing a high demand in hiring.

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Chris Officer

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