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Spark Hire’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Job Seekers

Best Job Seeker BlogsLooking for the perfect position can be tough. There are so many things to consider, from finding the right company culture, to writing a killer resume, to nailing the interview. It’s no wonder looking for a job can often feel like a job itself. We all need a little advice from time to time and this is where our blog list comes in.

Below are the Top 25 Must Read Blogs, in no particular order, for Job Seekers trying to find that dream job. These blogs are full of helpful advice, tips to stand out, and tricks to wow in the hiring process.

Our evaluation criteria included quality of content, frequency of updates, and the value proposition to job seekers. We wanted to compile a list with blogs that give advice from different angles and provide intriguing content. So without any further adieu, here is the list:

1. Jibber Jobber looks at the issues job seekers have, from job board burnout to how to deal with recruiters. Along the way, it’s filled with great advice and tips on how to energize your search. Congratulate JibberJobber on Twitter

2. Corn on the Job is run by Rich DeMatteo, a human resources professional who hoped to use his knowledge to help job seekers get ahead. Since the blog’s founding, guest experts from all walks of life have stopped by to drop off some wisdom for job seekers. Congratulate Corn on the Job on Twitter

3. Careerealism wants you to get real about your career and helps you do so by providing helpful tips for how to supercharge your job search. The site is updated seven days a week and all guest posts go through a screening process. The blog has plenty of valuable job search advice from knowledgeable expert contributors. Congratulate Careerealism on Twitter

4. Brazen Life is interested in all aspects of the job hunt, whether you’re trying to optimize your current position or looking for the next great opportunity. Whether you’re approaching your future post-graduation or looking to start at a startup, Brazen has advice to share. Congratulate Brazen Life on Twitter

5. Lindsey Pollak is a career expert and Global Spokesperson for LinkedIn, so you can be sure she knows her stuff. Her blog focuses specifically on Gen Y Millennial job seekers and helping them transition into a great career. But that doesn’t mean some of her great advice can’t be applied to all career levels. Congratulate Lindsey Pollack on Twitter

6. Life After College is authored by Jenny Blake and focuses on helping recent graduates transition into the tough job market. Her tips and advice speak directly to recent grads about how to optimize their post-grad life and find a job to make them happy. Congratulate Life After College on Twitter

7. Jobacle is a career advice blog that seeks to help job seekers and workers alike find satisfaction in their careers. Their advice is often unique and sometimes even against the grain. If you’re looking for content for every stage of your career, Jobacle is a great resource. Congratulate Jobacle on Twitter

8. CubeRules wants to help you get more out of your cubicle! CubeRules is here to help workers and job seekers with advice on how to find the best jobs, deal with recruiters, and find a cubicle they can call home. Congratulate CubeRules on Twitter

9. WorkAwesome seeks to get job seekers into an awesome workplace by offering great contributors and frequent updates. The blog covers everything from job hunt tricks to meditation techniques for getting through the day. Congratulate WorkAwesome on Twitter

10. JobMob is run by Jacob Share. This blog looks to connect hiring managers and job seekers with to-the-point advice, and offer a little bit of humor. Underneath the brevity, however, is a lot of useful advice on how to find a great job. Congratulate JobMob on Twitter

11. Position Ignition might be the job search blog for you if you’re looking to jump start a lagging job search. The site covers everything from networking to career change. Reignite your search! Congratulate Position Ignition on Twitter

12. Dumb Little Man may have a unique name, but despite the name, there’s nothing “dumb” about this site. Focusing on productivity and careers, Dumb Little Man shares ways to keep your goals in sight and stay productive. Plus the site has an active and interesting commenter base reading and sharing their own thoughts. Congratulate Dumb Little Man on Twitter

13. Career Sherpa is here to help lead you to a better career. Sometimes searching for a job can feel like climbing Mount Everest, but Career Sherpa is here to guide you to a better career destination. Congratulate Career Sherpa on Twitter

14. The Glass Hammer takes on job search and adjacent career issues from a women-centric viewpoint. The glass ceiling is still a real issue for millions of women in the workforce today, and this blog takes a good look at providing female job seekers some special insight into their job search. Congratulate the Glass Hammer

15. Ms. Career Girl is another site looking at the job search from a woman’s perspective. Written by Nicole Crimaldi and a group of talented contributors, the site looks to empower ambitious young professional women in their job search and beyond. Congratulate Ms. Career Girl on Twitter

16. Personal Branding Blog makes it pretty clear that you are a brand and you should be focused on developing it. In this digital age when more and more recruiters are taking to the Web to research candidates, can you really afford to ignore your personal brand? The Personal Branding Blog doesn’t think so and they have plenty of advice for how to make your personal brand work for you. Congratulate Personal Branding Blog on Twitter

17. The Daily Muse tackles all aspects of the career cycle, from the job hunt to life in your cubicle. The site offers valuable advice and timely content for job seekers at all career levels. Congratulate The Daily Muse on Twitter

18. The Employable is a frequently updated blog looking to give job seekers at all levels of their career a voice. Their content includes advices, tips and tricks on everything from resumes and job hunts to self-employment and workplace satisfaction. Congratulate The Employable on Twitter

19. Campus to Career comes in for that time when as a recent grad, you’re asking yourself ‘now what?’ Campus to Career helps recent grads transition into their newly employed life. The blog is full of advice and content to help recent grads get ahead in the job market. Congratulate Campus to Career on Twitter

20. New Grad Life is also aimed at recently graduated job seekers. We all know life can be confusing when you’ve just graduated college, especially in today’s rough economy. That’s where New Grad Life comes to the rescue, offering tips and tricks for how to use your education and experience to score the perfect post college job. Congratulate New Grad Life on Twitter

21. On the Job is authored by Anita Bruzzese, a journalist with 20+ years of experience focusing on careers. So it goes without saying that she understands a thing or two about the career field. Look to her for helpful job search advice. She also writes many posts about life at work with good information for recent job seekers who just landed a job. Congratulate On The Job

22. Employrium Blog is as straight-shooter as it gets when it comes to job search advice. The blog features frank discussions of the job search and the economy with some helpful tips on how to get ahead. Congratulate Employrium on Twitter

23. Job Stalker is here to help job seekers “stalk” their ideal jobs by offering them the best tips and tricks. Like a lion stalking its prey, Job Stalker helps job seekers get ready to pounce on great opportunities. Congratulate Job Stalker on Twitter

24. HireFriday presented by Margo Rose offers some perspective for job seekers from the other side of the hiring desk. She also runs the popular Twitter chat #HireFriday, which is where her blog takes its name. Congratulate HireFriday on Twitter

25. The Voice of Job Seekers is written by Mark Anthony Dyson with the soul purpose to give a voice to the unemployed, underemployed, and those seeking a new opportunity. Dyson is passionate about helping you land a great position and his job hunt advice is top-notch. Congratulate The Voice of Job Seekers on Twitter

While there are plenty of other great job seeker focused blogs out there, these 25 top off the Spark Hire Must Read Blogs for Job Seekers. They offer valuable content, they have a good following, are regularly offering great new tips and tricks, and many even host an active community where you can engage with other readers just like yourself!

What do you think? What other blogs are a ‘must’?

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