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Small Business Employers Unable to Find Candidates

Most of the time when you hear news of the job market the main subject is that job seekers can’t find jobs. There aren’t enough jobs out there and the competition is fierce. This is the gist of most job market news. Occasionally, however, the opposite is reported: employers can’t find candidates to fill their open positions. It seems like a made-up tale seeing as though the unemployment rate is still hovering over 8 percent, but it’s a reality that a lot of employers face today.

We read about it a couple weeks ago when we discussed the manufacturing industry and the lack of qualified candidates applying for open positions. The fact of the matter is that modern manufacturing requires heightened math skills that most job seekers simply do not have today. That made sense, but when you hear that even small businesses are having a rough time hiring, it’s a bit more difficult to hear.

After all, a lot of people believe that small businesses are the ones that can bring us out of our job market slump. The jury is still out on that, but why is it that small business employers can’t find qualified talent? More specifically, why can’t a third of small businesses find qualified talent? According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s how many employers are struggling with hiring.

Take a look at this video from the Wall Street Journal to hear why small businesses are finding it very difficult to hire the employees they need to get the job done.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

Nicole Nicholson

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