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ObamaCare: It’s About Healthcare and Jobs

A lot of people are on the fence when it comes to Obama’s health care plan or ObamaCare. In fact, it’s a large part of why many American’s are choosing to vote for Obama or to deny him their vote. While all presidential candidates are working very hard to appeal to the middle class, the Huffington Post believes that if everyone knew this one fact about ObamaCare, then the decision would be much easier.

If you are a resident of Massachusetts, then chances are you are pretty pleased with how your state chooses to deal with health care and unemployment. In Massachusetts, if you lose your job you are still able to hold onto your health insurance. Currently, this is the only state that employs this practice. This is a huge advantage seeing as though our current job market is at a stand still and doesn’t seem to be improving at any fast pace. What’s more interesting, though is that the republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the one who signed that bill into action for the state. If he is elected president in the fall then Massachusetts will remain the only state that has this practice. If Obama is reelected, Post writer Richard Kirsch states that everyone in the country will be able to access the heath insurance they need in 2014.

It’s no secret that job stability is an issue we face today. With the jobs report coming out today showing our market as weak, it’s still something we are grappling with. Employer lay-offs have hit an eight-month high and the applications for unemployment benefits seemed to have spiked once again. In every state except for Massachusetts, when you lose your job you lose your health insurance as well. With so many unemployed and underemployed Americans today, the number of those uninsured is at 51 million. When you are uninsured, any small injury or illness can rip your finances apart.

It is for that reason that many workers today stay in their current positions and put off starting their own business. With a job through a company, there is security in health insurance. If you go off to start your own business, it is likely you will be uninsured for a period of time. In that period of time, an illness or injury can crush your dreams in a second. Kirsch argues that with ObamaCare, health insurance will be much more affordable and many more workers can set off to start that business they dreamed of starting. With more businesses sparking, more jobs will be available to the public. Catch the drift? With Romney as president, it’s assumed that Massachusetts will remain the only state to keep their health insurance after the loss of a job and the rest of the country will continue to suffer. While I myself am not sure where I stand on the issue, it’s certainly good food for thought when thinking of the job market and our current state.

What do you make of this? Do you think ObamaCare will really ease up on the employment situation we face? Share your opinions in the comments section or tweet me @nicole_spark. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

SOURCE: Huffington Post
IMAGE: Courtesy of Insurance Planet

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