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Top Jobs in Demand

Our current economy has had almost everyone on edge about their jobs lately. With heightened unemployment rates, people’s career insecurities have increased as well. As a job seeker in today’s climate, one must be aware that it is risky to switch jobs out of the blue or up and quit your job if you simply are no longer satisfied. This is especially true for those with a sole income or a family to support. If you’re looking for career stability that will also pay well, check out these top jobs in demand.

Searching for careers that are always in demand no matter what the economic climate is like? Then look no further than law enforcement and plumbing. They may not be the most glamorous jobs in the world, but they pay well and are virtually jobs that are constantly in demand. Police officers are essential in keeping the peace and enforcing the law. There can never be too many, especially as the population continues to grow and more law enforcement officers are needed in order to maintain control. In terms of plumbers, as long as people continue to use a central plumbing system, they will be always be essential.

Of course with more education comes more prestige, as well as money, and top jobs in demand in the medical and technology field are proof of this. Two careers that not many would consider to be in demand are audiologists and video game designers. As the population continues to age, audiologists will become more in demand in order to treat hearing problems that arise. As one of the jobs in the medical arena that can boast a low stress level, audiologists are few and far between and usually make a decent wage. If you’re more of a creative type, seek a career in the in-demand field of video game design. Gaming systems are constantly changing and upgrading and more people will be needed for creative new ideas.

As the economy and job market begins to strengthen, more and more people are traveling and opting for luxurious hotel stays meaning the need for general hotel and resort managers will increase as well. The job requires an excellent sense of responsibility as well as a bachelor’s degree in Business or Hotel Management. As the primary person making all the decisions over a particular hotel, you should be comfortable with being authoritative, as well as reliable. On top of that, video resumes are great for positions like this since they allow for you to show off your personality and communications skills. Both of these are the main characteristics of a hotel manager and companies looking for potential candidates to fill these positions want to be sure you possess these skills. Utilizing video resumes like the ones on Spark Hire can showcase these skills right away and set you above the competition.

Think of these career options and top jobs in demand if you’re in the market for a new one. They are, for the most part, stable and financially secure.

SOURCE: Buzzle
IMAGE: Courtesy of Hotel Management Zone

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