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Great Jobs for Students

As a student, the idea of a full-time course load as well as a full-time work schedule can be daunting. On the other hand, school loans must be paid off and groceries don’t pay for themselves so the necessity for a job is a reality for many students nowadays. Though a hectic schedule doesn’t suit all, juggling activities, schoolwork and work can eventually become second nature. If you’re a student looking for work, check out these jobs for students that almost all offer flexibility and convenience.

One of the most convenient and rewarding student jobs is tutoring. If you enjoy teaching others and setting your own hours, this is the job for you. Tutors are always in high demand on college campuses and subjects vary so flexibility in terms of material is also a plus. As a tutor, you should be patient and supportive which can also come in handy when working as a non-medical caregiver- another student job that is gaining popularity. As a student, you can sign up with companies that will match you with a senior in need of companionship that can be based around your schedule. You get paid and help others in need of specialized services.

If you’re into perks while working, you should get a job as a ticket taker or a stadium usher. Flexibility in terms of hours for this student job is not ideal, as concerts and sports games are based on their own schedules, but the perks can more than make up for it. As an usher, your duties are pretty much straightforward. Collect tickets, guide attendees to their seats and keep the crowd under control. All the while, you get the chance to potentially hear famous speakers, attend sold out concerts and watch live sports games. At times you may even be able to get your friends in. For a student job with minimal schedule flexibility, it doesn’t sound so bad.

If you’re less of a people person and more into spending hours in a quiet environment, apply for a job at your school’s library. As far as jobs for students go, this one is perfect in terms of scheduling and downtime. Due to the fact that most college libraries employ students, hours are flexible and can be suited to your schedule. It’s also a good environment to catch up on homework or reading if there’s no one in need of your services at the moment.

Jobs for students are plentiful and can be suited to fit your specific needs. The catch is to go out and investigate.

SOURCE: College and Finance
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