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Workers and Their Bosses

Amid hundreds of articles and news discussing how weak and unwelcoming the job market is currently, Spark News thought it would be a good idea to take a look at something else for a change. Searching through job market news, we stumbled upon an interesting infographic that portrays the views and opinions of workers currently in the job market.

It breaks down the reasons why some employees may be unhappy with their current position and more specifically, their bosses. The first thing you can see is the breakdown of employees that are satisfied with their work and those that are not. In general, it seems as though the employees surveyed are pretty happy with their work. It’s not surprising that employees that earn more than $100,000 annually are more satisfied than those earning less than $50,000- who wouldn’t be? However, the difference isn’t that great considering. 52 percent of employees that earn less than $50,000 are satisfied and only 17 percent more of those that earn more than $100,000 are satisfied at 69 percent.

The inforgraphic breaks the data down even further and you can see that employees aged 20-29 are the least satisfied with their work. This may be expected seeing as though most employees that age are working entry level jobs and are still trying to figure out what they want to do. Employees ages 60-69 are the most satisfied at 75 percent. Of those dissatisfied with their work, the number one reason is compensation. However, the number two reason is their boss. Take a look at some of the “bad boss behavior” cited by dissatisfied workers. Can you site any of these reasons for your dissatisfaction at work?


Nicole Nicholson

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