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Internet Marketing and New Media Positions

Spark News has extensively discussed how technology jobs around the country are increasing while other industries struggle. Specifically, New York has seen a large increase in technology positions as the financial services industry’s jobs slowly dwindle. In light of the increase in technology positions, Spark News wanted to share this infograph from that is specific to internet marketing and new media positions.

The graphic shows what skills managers in these areas are searching for and what the salary ranges for certain positions in this field tend to be. Topping the list as the highest paid position in this field, a Web Community Director earns about $62,000 to $185,000. For those savvy in social media and internet marketing, this could be one of the best positions for you. For entry level workers, an SEO Marketing Strategist makes on average about $30,000 to $73,000. That’s a very large range, so the average salary probably depends pretty heavily on experience and additional skills.

All in all, these positions look to be very well-paying and young adults or recent graduates would likely be great fits for internet and media positions such as these. For an age group that suffered some of the most losses from the Great Recession, these positions look as though they would be the best option for recent graduates interested in this kind of work.

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