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Travel Therapy Jobs

As Spark News discussed earlier today, jobs in occupational and physical therapy are in pretty high demand. To go along with that post, Spark News thought it would be interesting to share this infographic found on that takes a look inside therapy positions that offer tons of travel time across the globe.

If you take a look at the graphic, physical therapists that choose to travel make a significantly larger income than those that don’t. Specifically, according to the graphic traveling physical therapists earn on average an annual income of $113,000 while permanent therapists earn around $71,000. Both are pretty high incomes, but if you could earn more and travel while you do it, wouldn’t you choose that instead? Some may, but traveling jobs aren’t for everyone. While some like to globe or country trot, most people feel as though they need to stay in one spot to be grounded and stable. Moving from place to place constantly can take a large toll on your body and happiness, so if it isn’t something you are truly passionate about, then likely it won’t make you happy.

Looking deeper into the graphic, 62 percent of traveling therapists stated that the benefit they value most from their traveling profession is free housing or a housing stipend. On top of that, the retention rate for these therapists is pretty high with 67 percent of them saying they have only worked for one company. Take a look at the graphic yourself and, if you are a therapist, decide if a traveling position is for you.


Nicole Nicholson

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