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The Spring Yields Home Improvement Jobs

If you are a perpetual temporary worker and consider Home Depot to be your second home, then Spring may be your season to shine. The fix-it-yourself home improvement giant will be hiring 70,000 workers to prepare for its busiest season, Spring.

It makes a lot of sense. The beginning of Spring means the thawing of ice, the end of cold weather and the start of many outdoor projects. It’s also a time when homeowners get back to work on their gardens and lawns and Home Depot has almost all of the tools and equipment necessary. With more customers, the company will need to hire more workers. Even though the weak economy has yielded careful consumer spending and less home improvement ventures, Home Depot’s projected hiring for the Spring of 2010 is almost the same as last year’s. Furthermore, the company has been slowly improving as their net income rose 12 percent by the end of the third quarter last year. Their revenue also rose 4 percent to $17.33 billion from $16.6 billion last year, reports the Huffington Post.

While temporary work isn’t what everyone is looking for, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a permanent position can’t come from it. Last year, Home Depot took half of the temporary workers it hired in the Spring and kept them on as permanent workers. They will likely do the same this year, so getting hired as a temporary worker in the Spring may be more than just a temporary fix.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post
IMAGE: One Project Closer

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