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Does Acquiring an Internship Really Help?

College students and graduates hear it until their ears bleed. “You need an internship. Get an internship. An internship can lead to a job. You’ll never get a job without an internship.” Yes, yes. Any young adult has heard one of these phrases at least once, and that’s if they’re lucky. So does getting an internship really help you snag a job?

All signs point to, yes. Whether you are compensated for it or not, experience in the workplace is a must if you want to get your foot in the door. The infographic below gives good visual proof that an internship greatly increases your chances of finding and keeping a job. The graph shows that 76 percent of those who interned with the company they work for maintained their position for at least a year compared to the 61 percent who never had an internship. 55 percent of employees retained their position for at least five years compared to the 44 percent that never interned.

The graphic also clearly shows that communications students earned the least income at their internships with an hourly wage of $15.71. On the other side though, engineering interns made the most hourly in 2011 with $18.90 an hour. These hourly wages seem a bit exaggerated for internships, but even so engineering interns make more money than communications interns-or any other interns for that matter. While 2008 saw many more employers offering their interns a full-time position at 70 percent, 2011 saw 67 percent. The results are promising for recent graduates and may be a motivating factor in whether or not they search for an internship upon graduation.


Nicole Nicholson

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