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Online Degree Infographic

With less money and time circulating through the market, online schooling as gained a large amount of popularity. In most cases it is not equivalent to a four-year university degree, but for those looking for a job in a specific, niched industry, online schooling is a great advantage that saves the student both time and money.

The infographic below by E Learners shows that in light of its popularity, many HR professionals accept and hire people with an online degree. According to the statistics, 87 percent of HR professionals view online degrees more favorably than five years ago. Furthermore, 73 percent agree that a course taken online is equivalent to a course taken at a university or college. At the same time, 60 percent of them disagreed with the idea that they would rather accept a person with a traditional degree than one with an online degree. Those with online degrees should not worry about getting a job more than someone with a traditional degree because 79 percent of the HR professionals surveyed said they hired someone with an online degree in the last year.

All in all, the following infographic proves that those with online degrees are not below those with traditional degree and likely have the same chances at getting a job. However, it is important to note that some professions require a traditional degree and an online degree would not work. Those that don’t require you to have a traditional degree though are free game and getting your degree online will likely save you much time and money. If you know what kind of industry you would like to step into, research and decide whether or not online schooling is acceptable and for you.

SOURCE: E Learners

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