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Is Taking Up a Second Job Beneficial?

Job numbers may look like they’re picking up a bit, but most people are still feeling the strain of a weak and injured market. There are people looking for work and those that have work may feel like they aren’t making quite enough money. It may not sound appealing or seem possible considering the weak job market got us into this mess, but if you’re a freelancer or even a full-time worker, picking up a second job may put you back on top.

Having a second job or a paying hobby certainly has it’s advantages and disadvantages, like anything else, but putting a little extra money in your pocket when it’s needed is the greatest advantage. Obviously this isn’t the easiest solution for someone with children, seeing as though they need to be looked after and that requires your time, but those with independence and free reign to do as they please should certainly consider it. The best part about getting a second job is that if it just so happens that it doesn’t work out or places too large of a strain on your health, you can always quit. Since it’s your second job, you’ll have your primary job to fall back on. So what are some of the best side jobs to have?

If you’re a creative freelancer, chances are you are not able to do side work in the field you currently work in. For example, if you are a web designer you probably can’t grab another job doing the same thing due to “non-compete” agreements you may have signed. That said, there are still tons of jobs you can pick up that don’t compete with your primary occupation.

This may be one of the most unappealing jobs in the market, but if you really think about it and what the job entails, it’s not that bad. Yes, you have to cold call and annoy hardworking, busy individuals that want nothing to do with you, but on the other hand you sit at a desk every day and the work is hardly strenuous. It does take a certain kind of person that can handle rejection after rejection in order to succeed in this profession, but if you can you will find that your pockets will grow fatter and fatter. On top of that, scheduling and hours for telemarketing are usually very flexible. You can work part-time and choose hours that don’t conflict with your primary position. Though you may not see it this way, having a telemarketing job can help you succeed in your primary position as well. Think about it this way, each day you work you have to communicate with people and try and persuade them to do what you want. Each time you work chances are you’ll get better and better at it. You can put those skills to good use at your primary position and gain a leg-up- all while earning some extra money.

This is not achievable for everyone, but if you are a creative freelancer you can put your skills to good use teaching someone else. Say you’re a photographer. Chances are there is an entry level photography class at your local park district that teaches young children all about photography. In most cases, these classes do not require trained teachers to lead the class. You, a seasoned photographer, can opt to teach one of these classes and gain the satisfaction of teaching others about something you love while also making the money you need. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to brush up on some of the basics you may have forgotten.

The Industry
Oh boy, we all love this one. Working in the food service industry is notorious for putting fast money in your hands but also throwing a bit of stress your way too. Those of us that have worked in the industry understand how degrading and ignorant the majority of the living population can be and those that haven’t just don’t understand, and probably never will. They are the people that send their server to the kitchen ten times for something different each time. “Oh, can I have some mayonnaise? Oh, now that you’re back, can I also have some BBQ sauce? Ah, yes can I please have an extra fork?” No! It’s the opinion of many (almost exclusively those that have worked in the industry) that everyone should work at least one food service job in their lives. It teaches you how to deal with ignorant and unyielding customers and gives you a great set of communication skills. It also teaches you how to deal with people that are different from you and how to act like the “customer is always right.” These are doubtless great skills to have in the workplace and just general life because everyone will have to work with someone different from them sometime in there lives. Plus, the best thing about working in the industry, be it a bar or restaurant, is that you usually get money on hand the day you work. Usually in cash too. Having a pocket full of cash, literally, is always a great thing.

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